Easter in Edinburgh – 1st day


My friends and I took the opportunity to take a short vacation up in Scotland, more specifically in Edinburgh, because of the 4 day long weekend. I'd been there before in the early noughties for Hogmanay and it was very different to see the city in the sun, as opposed to covered under a layer of snow.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, its Gothic charm and history is very appealing to my aesthetic sensibilities. Although we got there at lunch time on the Friday we still managed to walk around and explore a great bit.




As a lot of walking was going to happen the most sensible thing to do is to wear sensible shoes I can actually walk on. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to road test the Shoeps shoe lace replacement, by Gumbies. The laces on these Converse were getting a bit manky so I just binned them and put the Shoeps on them. They did really well, after walking for miles they didn't snap and are really comfortable. Now I want to have all the colours so I can make a Shoeps rainbow on my shoes! What else did I wear? Easy: Dress - Yumi (second hand), Cardigan - Fat Face (not a brand I usually shop at but I had to pick it up one time at the airport when I realized I had put my cardi in the checked baggage, d'oh!), Shoes - Converse All Star (found brand new with tags in a charity shop in Lisbon, aeons ago), Long Sleeve tee - Primark










As always, I have lots of material to show you. Will be posting over the next few weeks, hopefully. Have you ever been to Edinburgh too?

Made in Portugal – Shoes Closet


As you know and seen before, I like showing quality items that are currently being made and designed in Portugal. Well, this last visit I had a very pleasant surprise: Shoes Closet! I didn't know the brand and wasn't at all aware of its existence but was drawn in very quickly when I accidentally wandered in to their concept store at Embaixada (a sort of mini luxe shopping mall with new brands and designers in the Principe Real area).



I was attracted by the shoes and then by how nice everyone was. I spoke to the sales manager Gisele and she showed me the collections and explained the inspiration behind them. I was even shown a sneak peek of some boots that weren't yet on the shelves. I was given permission to take photos and rearrange the shelves if necessary. They were all so nice and the shoes so amazing I decided I would do a blog post just dedicated to the brand. That's what you get for being so nice!!! (unlike other people but that's another story).


The brand not only prides itself on the craftsmanship that's a staple of Portuguese shoe making but also on our cultural and historical roots, using traditional fabrics and patterns in some of the collections. The fabric you see is called chita, a word rooted in the sanskrit chintz, as it was brought back from India in the 17th Century to Portugal, where a local version started being produced.



Buying a pair of shoes here is buying something unique and very Portuguese. You can't buy them on the internet just yet but according to the website, that option will be available very soon.



As it usually happens about twice a year or so, the carnival came to town, with all its lights and entertainment and as always, I managed to walk through it for some photos. This time my friend David was with me so I got to pose with the carousel for a couple of shots!

Although I'm not that interested in the rides and the such, walking past it and seeing all the people - the families with their kids, the awkward teenagers in small groups looking lost and self conscious, the occasional chavs - is an interesting portrait of small town England. I kind of feel like an outsider so I turn to doing sociological observations of these events. It's fairly interesting.







This was one of the days that I feel like I got dressed with my eyes closed. I didn't but I did get dressed in a hurry and just grabbed whatever was handy. It's not so bad, or so I keep telling myself.

Details: Coat - Zara (from a swap with Lili), "Best" Beanie - Neiman Marcus x Target, T-shirt - Roy Lichtenstein, Tate Modern (from a clothes swap), Skirt - American Apparel, Tights - Oxfam, Bag - Traditional from Morocco, Clogs - Irregular Choice, Necklace - c/o Name The Necklace, Long Sleeve - H&M






As it is Monday, I'm sharing this at Patti's Visible Monday! Did you have a nice Easter?

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